Woman who shared Britain First tweets with Donald Trump says it is ‘irrelevant’ they are misleading


The Conservative commentator who shared Islamophobic tweets by the deputy leader of Britain First with Donald Trump has claimed it is “irrelevant” the inflammatory posts he subsequently circulated to millions of people were misleading.

Ann Coulter, one of only 45 people who the US President follows on Twitter, retweeted a video posted by Jayda Fransen purporting to show “Muslim migrants beating up a Dutch boy on crutches” shortly before Mr Trump shared the clip.

The American leader then thought to have browsed Ms Fransen’s feed before he retweeted two other videos posted by the far-right leader, sparking condemnation for spreading Britain First’s extremist ideology to a global audience.

Dutch authorities later confirmed the supposed “Muslim migrant” shown attacking a victim on crutches had in fact been born and raised in the Netherlands, while the other two videos the President retweeted were also shorn of important context.

But Ms Coulter said it was “supremely irrelevant” if the clips did not show what they were claimed to.

“It’s a difference without a distinction,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today. “This business about, ‘Oh they were born here.’ Yeah, from migrant parents who came in the 80s. Anybody can look at the video and see this is a Middle Easterner. 

“I think it could not be more supremely irrelevant [whether the attacker was born in the Netherlands.] The issue is all of these Middle Easterners and Muslims being brought in. To pretend like there’s no difference between a tenth generation Dutch person and a migrant or the child of a migrant is preposterous.”

Asked if she knew she was sharing post by a far-right extremist, Ms Coulter added: “No… I don’t think it really matters. It’s a video. A video is a video.”