Mulan casts Chinese star Liu Yifei in lead role for live-action remake


Liu Yifei has been picked by Disney to play Mulan in its upcoming live action remake of its 1998 hit animated film focused on a young girl who excels in a masculine military world that is dismissive women who want to join its ranks.

Liu, who is also known by the name of Crystal Liu, was chosen after a massive search by the movie house to find an actress who could portray the young woman, and for an actress who possesses the necessary skills to shine in a film with plenty of action.

The Chinese actress is no stranger to the martial arts that will be needed for her in her new role for Disney, as she has been in films with some of the entertainment industry’s greatest martial artists in the past.

That includes having played a part in the film The Forbidden Kingdom, alongside stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

The actress, in addition to obviously having those martial arts chops, is known in China for her acting abilities as well, and has won awards there for films beloved in the country.

The new Mulan movie won’t be out for over a year, however, and has a rough premier date set for sometime in 2019. News of the film, while cherished by die-hard fans of the animated classic, generated at least some controversy after it was announced that the live-action film would not include singing as had the cartoon version.

The film will be directed by Niki Caro, who is so-far known for his work on the movie Whale Rider.

The new Mulan will be the latest live-action remake that Disney has undertaken, after its reboot of Beauty and The Beast, which cast Emma Watson in the lead role.